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coco chanel

International women's day : Gender inequality - March 8th is everyday

For a long time, women have been disadvantaged in many domains like : sex, religion, work, education…. That's the reason why March the 8th is dedicated to women. But I mean , one day for us isn’t enough , March the 8th has to be everyday!!! So let it be our slogan ‘’March the 8th is everyday".

Many women like Miriam Makeba, Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, Coco Chanel fought for the cause of women. Today, we will focus on Coco Chanel. She was a fashion designer and creator of world-famous brand “Chanel’’ But why was she nicknamed COCO ??? It’s because every night she sang "Qui a vu Coco dans l’trocadero?" in a famous cabaret. The men in this cabaret called her "Coco". She never got married because she wanted to be free : she was undaunted, indomitable. she wanted to liberate women’s bodies from all the superficial things which prevented them from breathing. She decided to create a new revolutionary look for modern women, dresses were replaced by pants, short skirts or tailors.

It wasn’t very well received by the public but Coco was a strong and determined woman . One of her most popular creation was the “little black dress” which is now a classic. Many famous women like… wore these dresses. She always launched the new fashion “bobbed hair”, for instance. It was the time of what was called the “new woman”. She inspired many movies and books like…..

In 1957, she received the Fashion Oscar and her jewels, clothes, furniture can be seen at the Dallas Art Museum. Fashion has had a big impact on women's emancipation. She was a pioneer who revolutionized the world of fashion, that's the reason why she is now regarded by many as an icon.

Today, thanks to women like Coco Chanel, women have the liberty to wear what they like. She will always be remembered for her lifelong determination and ambition and the energy she displayed in her social and professional life.