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Friday November 14th : A Day at the American School of Yaounde (ASOY)

The 5B (7th graders) students made a trip to ASOY.  8:15 was the departure time and we got there in just ten minutes. Were welcomed by Ms. Sheena Nabolz the ASOY director and by Mr. Charles Bellomy, the Middle School principal. We got split into groups and went to the various classes which were going on already. Our first classes were French and PE (Physical Education). And then, we attended English reading and Writing skills with Ms. Conant and Ms. McKinley. These classes were funny and very active.

In the French class with Ms. Pondi.

We enjoyed a 15 minutes break at the parrot’s canteen, fresh snacks and drinks were quickly swallowed as we wanted to enjoy the facilities. We played some basketball, badminton and volleyball.

After break we went back to classes, integrated maths for some of us, and civics for others.

Each group was given a tour of the school by the director; we admired the huge compound and the soccer field as well as the new buildings in construction, which will be ready in January.

The second series of classes were followed by Social Studies and Science. We made some experiments in the science class with Ms. Siegel, who started a lesson on Mixtures. We learnt about suspension, solution and colloid, it was quite fun.

Then was lunch time at the pool, yummy pizza, pasta and pies. Some of us rushed their lunch, because they wanted to enjoy the swimming pool, which they did with a lot of excitement and pleasure.

After lunch break, we attended different service learning periods which were all quite interesting. The first group attended Music and movement, the second community builders (this group shared about a project they’re working on: building up a library to a local school they helped with installing tap waters last year. The third group had fun in the Tippy taps workshop, soil digging brought out a long earthworm which scared almost all of us J

We made friends, chatted a lot over lunch break with these mates of just a day, and when time came for us to leave, it wasn’t with joy that we left the soccer field and the music room. But we left with a lot of satisfaction for a day filled with learning, discovery, fun and joy. Can’t wait till the next visit!